Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
G-20 ― Waited Expectancy
April 2, 2009
This week the so-called G-20 nations are meeting in London to look for common ground and solutions
to the global financial crisis.
On the one hand, there are those in the world that look upon this meeting as an example of all that is
wrong with the current global financial system. They do not look to the G-20 to solve the problems;
rather, they see this group and what they represent as the problem. So, outside on the streets, there are
the usual protestors of anarchists, environmentalists, anti-capitalists, and a variety of other ideological
groups ending with the suffix ist . To be sure, there are a variety of views, ideologies, and even anger and
rage, expressed by the protestors. However, the most dangerous are the ones that seek anarchy, which
is lawlessness.
On the other hand, there are many throughout the world looking to their national leaders to solve all
the world’s monetary and economic problems. In some of the more socialist countries of Europe, the
people have become accustomed to their governments providing for many, if not most, of their needs.
Historically, the US has not been labeled a socialist country; however, we are rapidly moving down the
road to become more like one as the Obama administration seems to think the only way to solve the
financial crisis is to expand government and control more and more aspects of American life and
business. The Americans elected a president on the promise of hope and change, and they are getting
the first taste of what he meant. It may turn out to have a rather bitter taste when the roots of this hope
and change begin to grow and become manifested. Time will tell, but I think some are already tasting it!
However, there does seem to be a hunger in the world for a savior to rise up and lead the world into
better days, that is, one who has solutions to all the problems, and one who can make people feel better
and give them hope. It seems to me that with this hunger, people are easily persuaded to follow their
emotions and to judge things based on feelings rather than on facts. This makes them ripe to follow
after any man that makes them feel good. Consequently, some Americans are looking to one man that
many describe as smart, even brilliant, and that speaks eloquently, in spite of no known track record
that reveals his supposed brilliance. It is really strange to hear some of the accolades thrust upon our
new president when all he has done is blame everything on the previous president, spend tons of money
we don’t have, sign immoral executive orders supporting the killing of the unborn (abortion), and
enormously expand the reach of government; and he has only begun.
I do not know if you have noticed, but it seems that, increasingly, Americans are spoken of as the
American taxpayer , as if the whole of our existence is to pay taxes to our government, both Federal
and state, so they can go out and waste it as they redistribute our wealth for whatever political
advantage it might bring to those in power. I am not sure if this is just being cynical or touching upon
reality. Yes, we are called the American people and sometimes American citizens, but the government
has come to view us as taxpayers; this is who we are to the government. It is no longer “We the people,
for the people;” it is “We the people, for the taxes.” I am amazed at the ingenuous ways local
governments are seeking to tax citizens. I heard one report of a town that was short of cash, so they
proposed charging a $25 fee for posting “for sale” signs in yards of homes that owners are trying to sell,
and this comes in the midst of a recession and with declining housing prices and sales.
God’s kingdom tax (tithe) does not exceed 10-12%, and yet the governments of the world exceed this by
huge amounts when all taxes are taken into account, depending on the country in which one lives. If
people of the world knew that God would only require 10%, I wonder if they would seek for the true
Savior of the world to come and establish His kingdom on earth among the nations.
In Scripture, numbers can have a negative and a positive meaning. For example, the number 18 is often
described as referring to bondage, but it also can refer to coming out of bondage, for after 18 years, one
is released from the bondage. Thus, from years 1-18 one is in bondage, but when the allotted years have
ended, so does the bondage, which means the number 18 can also mean freedom. The number 2o can
be looked at in the same manner. Actually, there is some disagreement on the meaning of the number
20 among those who have studied numbers. Some see it as meaning expectancy or waited
xpectancy, and others see it as meaning redemption . I propose that both meanings are connected.
According to E.W. Bullinger ( Number in Scripture , Kregel Publications, 1967), Jacob waited twenty
years to get possession of his wives (Genesis 31:38, 41); Israel waited 20 years for a deliverer from
Jabin’s oppression (Judges 4:3); Israel waited 20 years for deliverance through Samson (Judges 15:20;
16:31); the Ark of the Covenant waited for 20 years at Kirjath-jearim (1 Samuel 7:2); and Solomon
waited for 20 years to finish the two houses (1 Kings 9:10; 2 Chronicles 8:1). The point is that with the
completion of 20 years, a change was manifested or something was completed. Consequently, the
number 20 speaks of expectancy or waited expectancy. In the case of Jacob, the positive side of the
twenty years is that he was released from his bondage after 20 years. In the case of Solomon, the
positive side is that after 20 years of forced labor to build the two houses, the house of the Lord and the
house of the king were completed, and the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord. We could say
hat there was a waited expectancy for glory.
In addition, the number 20 appears 288 times in the Bible, which is an interesting number in its own
right. David took 24,000 warriors from each of the 12 tribes for a total of 288,000 warriors (1
Chronicles 27:1), and he had 288 trained singers (1 Chronicles 25:7). In Revelation 7 and 14, we are told
that there are two groups of 144,000. They could be one and the same group represented in two ways or
two entirely separate groups that make up a total of 288,000. In either case, they are the company of
the conquerors or overcomers that follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Are they not waiting expectantly
or the King and His kingdom to come?
In the Hebrew language, the letter kaph is also used as the number 20 (gematria), which refers to an
open palm implying giving forth something. Thus, the number 20 speaks of giving forth something, as if
anding or offering something, which, we could say, is what redemption is all about.
In his book Biblical Mathematics , Ed F. Vallowe states: “Silver is a symbol of REDEMPTION. SILVER
money was used to make 100 silver sockets in the Tabernacle, and the SILVER fillets and hooks for the
pillars of the court. The reader will find that in Exodus 38:25-28. This connects the number TWENTY
with REDEMPTION. There were TWENTY boards on each side of the TABERNACLE north and south.
(Exodus 26:18-20) The number TWENTY is used in describing the boards for each side, both north and
south. The SILVER sockets were also mentioned in connection with each side. This shows forth a two-
old REDEMPTION, a REDEMPTION for the body, and a REDEMPTION for the soul.”
Well, what does this have to do with the G-20 meeting? Simply this; we could say that the leaders of 20
nations are meeting to find a way to bring recovery (redemption) to the global financial system. As
they meet, the world-at-large is waiting expectantly for a solution to the global crisis; some are even
hoping that one man, likened to a savior, will arise to redeem or deliver the world from its current crisis.
f course, there are others who want anarchy and chaos.
It is time to wake up and stop looking to men and government. There is only one answer, and it is
discovered in only one Man; He is Jesus, the only Redeemer, Savior, and King that the nations need.
This world needs the kingdom of Christ and God. Only He can bring true order and usher in justice and
righteousness. Let us be like the Thessalonians who turned from idols to serve the living and
true God, and to wait [expectantly] for His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the
dead, Jesus, who rescues from the wrath to come (1 Thessalonians 1:9b-10). Redemption is
The Upward Call: #03-0944
by: Stuart H. Pouliot
What struck me was that there are twenty nations coming together to find common ground to solve the
current global crisis. It is the number 20 that caught my eye, for in this number, we truly discover the
solution to the current crisis most of the world finds itself in during this day of mystery Babylon that
seems to be taking even more shape as we hear more and more of the need for a global bank, global
urrency, and global financial regulation.