Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
Kingdom Thoughts #2.
Kingdom Building?
March 19, 2009
As stated in the previous issue of this series (#03-0941), I do not believe we are called to build or to
advance the kingdom; rather, we are called to receive it and enter it. After all, Jesus told His disciples:
“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom”
(Luke 12:32 NASB). If they were not told to build it, then why do we assume that we are to build it in
our day? We need to understand the ways of the kingdom and have God’s laws written on our hearts so
that when we do receive it in the next eon, we will be prepared to administer it. There is no question
that when the kingdom of our Lord begins to take root among the nations, great change must and will
take place as they are taught the ways of His kingdom. I suppose one could call this kingdom building,
so I raise no serious objection to the term, as long as it is applied to what will transpire through the
conquerors in the next eon.
I trust you understand that, when I refer to entering and receiving the kingdom of our Lord, I am
referring to the manifestation of the kingdom of Christ to the nations on earth in a visible and tangible
way and am not referring to the spiritual and universal kingdom of God that we enter when we first
believe. Again, I refer you to Volume 1, Chapter 3 of my book The Purpose and Plan of the Eons .
Now, for the sake of my musing, I have chosen to approach the matter of kingdom building as if it were
true in an attempt to answer one question: Can we build the kingdom in our day, especially in what Paul
calls our present wicked eon (Galatians 1:4 CV)?
The challenge that I see for most of us is that we have been trained by the Babylonian system for so long
that we do not see that what governs our lives is, in fact, Babylonian in virtually every respect. Babylon
is not to be redeemed or cleaned up; it is to fall completely and be replaced with something heavenly. Of
course, the big challenge to accepting this thought is that many are taught that Babylon, in the form of a
revived Roman Empire, is all future and will not occur until the so-called church is miraculously
raptured to heaven. I do not believe this is what Scripture teaches. See Articles #17, January 2009,
Snatched Away [The Rapture], and #9, May 2008, A Mystery, The Great City Babylon , as good
starting points.
As I perceive it, most preaching on kingdom building fails to recognize that the very system in which we
live and work is corrupt to the core and not based on God’s law. The core of it is lawlessness since it
operates according to man’s law and stands in opposition to the divine law of God. Scripture tells us
that it will fall; this is what Revelation 18 is all about. Since it is going to fall, why does it seem that some
want to reform it so that they can place the Lord’s name on it? The best that one can do in this day is to
influence some aspects of it or some people within it, but only to the extent that Babylon allows it. One
can perform righteously, morally, and ethically within the system to try to influence it, but this does not
change the very foundation and nature of the system.
As stated previously, the Lord has led us into Babylonian captivity and blinded our eyes to this fact for
nearly the last 100 years. It is while we are in captivity, submitting to the rule of Babylon, that we learn
how to walk in a manner to please the Lord; we learn where we are to conquer and it is where the spirit
of God writes His laws on our heart in preparation for our release into the kingdom of our Lord. I can
think of no better way to learn the ways of the Lord than to see them in contrast to the ways of Babylon.
To me, the amazing thing is the love, mercy, and grace of God that has been lavished upon us while we
are in captivity. We truly have been blessed during this time. However, it is time for us to see the true
character and nature of Babylon and to begin preparing our hearts to come out of it completely when
the time arrives as fixed by the Father. We need to see the stark contrast of the two kingdoms.
Unfortunately, many Christians in our day do not see the contrast because they have been so trained by
the Babylonian system that they have come to believe its operation is ok; it just needs to be reformed
and cleaned up a bit and infiltrated by righteous, moral, and ethical Christians. We must see the
contrast between Babylon, which poses as a counterfeit of God’s kingdom, and the kingdom of our Lord,
which is the real thing. Once we see this contrast, we will come to realize how impossible it is to
infiltrate Babylon with the kingdom of our Lord, and frankly, how foolish it is to even try to infiltrate it.
Babylon must fall! Consider the following questions.
How could a Christian bring the kingdom of our Lord into Babylon’s financial system that is driven by
credit-debt when God’s divine law bans loaning money to its citizens at interest? The financial banking
system that runs the world is a Babylonian system. To infiltrate this system with kingdom law, we
would have to ban the charging of interest to our fellow citizens. But what bank in this system would
hire a Christian who writes on his (or her) application that his purpose for seeking employment is to do
away with debt? How long do you think a Christian would last in such a system if, on the first day, he
sought to change the whole thing from a debt-based system to simply lending money out of love to help
people? Babylon would cry foul, for it is out to make profits off the people, not to express love.
How could a Christian bring the kingdom into Babylon’s public education system that bans any
mention of God, especially the name of Jesus, and that outlaws the use of the Bible as a text book? What
public school system in America would hire a Christian who writes on his application that his purpose
for seeking employment is to introduce students to God’s law and the rightful heir of the nations? Just
consider the whole matter of evolution verses creationism; Babylon has fought tooth and nail to keep
the Creator God out of the classroom.
How could a Christian bring the kingdom into Babylon’s judicial system that is based on man’s law, not
God’s law? What court would place a judge on the bench who declares that he is sworn to uphold God’s
law and administer righteousness and justice based on His law? What lawyer would be allowed to argue
a case in Babylon’s court using God’s law as the basis for his argument while ignoring man’s law? Such a
person would be thrown out of court on his ears, so to speak, or worse, disbarred.
How could a Christian bring the kingdom into Babylon’s military system that is designed for war and
death, not peace? I was very surprised recently to hear someone include the military as something to be
infiltrated by the kingdom. What purpose would be served, unless it is to dismantle the war machinery?
But what Babylonian nation would allow such an action? After all, history has proven without any doubt
that nations have battled each other all the way back to Nimrod, the first Babylonian leader of mankind.
In the kingdom of our Lord, there will be no war and no need for swords; they will be turned into
plowshares (Isaiah 2:2-4; Micah 4:1-3).
How could a Christian bring the kingdom into the government of a Babylonian nation? Can you imagine
the outcry if the newly-elected president swore to uphold the Bible and God’s law over the Constitution
of the US and proclaimed Jesus as King? Surely, impeachment would follow. By its very nature and its
character, Babylon fervently rejects that God has any place in government, unless the god is man. The
EU is a good example of how Babylon feels about God; its charter purposely leaves God out of its affairs.
I realize that some will argue that the founding fathers of the US acknowledged the Almighty as the
Sovereign over the nation. In many respects, the US had the makings of a kingdom nation, and her
history has mirrored, in some measure, ancient Israel’s history. If there has ever been a pattern for a
modern-day Israelite nation, it is the US. But just like Israel rejected and rebelled against the Lord, so
have the US government and its people. Oh, leaders inject the name of God, especially in difficult times;
but overall it is lip service as the government has grown more and more corrupt as it has tried to usurp
God’s right over His creation, and the people have demanded more and more from the government as
they willingly have given up more and more of their God-given rights. Just some musing thoughts!
The Upward Call: #03-0942
by: Stuart H. Pouliot