Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3:13-14 NASB)
The Deception of Debt ―
The Fall of Babylon
March 6, 2009
When I wrote issue #02-08136, October 31, 2008, A Supernatural Working of Deception , frankly, I was
somewhat hesitant about this word, but as the days have passed since then, I have become convinced
that we are in a day of deception. A flood of deception has been released and is flowing across the globe
that is leading world leaders to make decisions that ultimately will lead to the fall of mystery Babylon
and the rise of the kingdom of our Lord. The good news is that at some point, another type of flood is
going to flow as well, and it is the flood of the spirit of God moving upon the Lord’s conquerors as they
begin to possess the kingdom.
In this issue, I offer a few observations to highlight this flood of deception as it relates to President
Obama and his plan to “remake” America based on his ideology and worldview.
First , President Obama is in office because of the sovereignty of God. Simply, no one can serve as a
national leader unless God places him in that position. All authority given to national leaders is given by
God, and all who serve in this capacity, whether good or evil, serve at the behest of God (Romans 13:1).
Throughout history, God has even raised up pagan leaders to bring judgment upon His people, as well
as to bless them; Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus are good examples. Consequently, leaders are put in place
to bring about God’s plan to achieve His purpose, and sometimes the plan is to introduce evil. After all,
God creates evil (Isaiah 45:7). I am not stating that Obama is good or evil (at least not at this point);
however, I will state that some of his policies are not for the good of America.
Second , I believe President Obama has been swept up in the flood of deception. It matters not if his
worldview is based on liberalism , globalism , socialism , or any other ism. Regardless of his
ideology, the fact of the matter is that he has been deceived, whether through pride, intellect, ambition,
desire for power, or all the above, into following a course of action or, as he likes to call it, bold and
decisive action , that makes no sense at all. One does not need to be an economist to realize that you
cannot solve a financial credit and debt crisis by following the same course that got you into trouble in
the first place, especially by going into enormous debt through massive spending, all in the name of
getting credit flowing again. Obama’s absolutely essential spending plan is fueling the Titanic for
full steam as it heads for the financial iceberg . The debt that he and Congress have been willing to
take on, at least up to this point, is so monumental and egregious that it is hard to fathom rational and
intelligent thinkers taking such a course; unless they are deceived into thinking that it will work, and it
will further their ideological agenda. In stating this, I am giving the benefit of the doubt that most
Babylonian leaders are smart, not stupid. Perhaps, we should say that they are smartly deceived . To
prove that Obama is not alone in this deceived thinking, I offer a quote from a congressman who
recently defended Obama’s plan: “When you are in debt, you spend and get into greater debt
so that you can get out of debt.” If this isn’t deception at its best, then I need to find another planet
to live on.
So that we can understand the mountain of debt that the US has amassed, we need to start with the
national debt of over $12 trillion. This is how much outstanding debt the US carries on its books for
which it pays interest to all who hold its bonds. Add to this the trillions of dollars that are expected to be
spent or, rather, created out of debt over the next four years, and the numbers are astronomical. The
budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year alone amounts to $1.75 trillion. Obama is saying that he will
lower this to $500 billion by the end of his first term, based on some rosy forecasts. Based on these
numbers, we can expect budget deficits in the other two budget cycles of around $3 trillion. In other
words, by the end of his first term, we could see an additional debt load of between $5-6 trillion added
to the already $12 trillion national debt, for a grand total of around $18 trillion of debt . But it gets
worse, for we then need to consider the $50-70 trillion that is estimated to be the total obligations
of the US government , which includes such programs as Social Security, Medicare, and the like.
Such debt and spending cannot be sustained for very long before it is crushed by its own weight. Some
economists are stating that the US is insolvent; it is essentially bankrupt. But the US is not alone, for it
was recently reported that other countries are in worse shape than the US. Consequently, the total
collapse of the global financial system of mystery Babylon is coming soon.
Third , I believe that the flood of deception is the Lord’s doing. To be clear, deceive means “to make a
person believe what is not true.” Another way to look at it is that it is blindness, blindness to the truth;
something that the Lord brought upon the ancient sons of Israel. For example, at Jesus’ first advent,
they were blinded so that they could not understand the parables of the mysteries of the kingdom of the
heavens that would have opened the way for them to enter the kingdom (Matthew 13:10-15). In like
fashion, the world is on the cusp of the coming of the kingdom of Christ, and it too has been blinded to
this fact, including the President of the United States as he tries to lead us down a path that, ultimately,
will bring down mystery Babylon, the very thing that he, unknowingly, is trying to build up. Whether
Obama is sincere and honest or sinister and dishonest with his intentions matters not, for either kind of
person can be deceived into taking the same course of action. In other words, deception can come upon
the best and the worst, or upon the good and the evil. What matters is what the Lord is doing, and if you
are interested in what He is doing, then read Daniel 2:31-35 and Revelation 18. Babylon is reaching the
heights of immorality and sensuality (and debt), so that when it falls, its fall will be great and no one
will be able to question its demise. This is the Lord’s doing.
Fourth , the Obama administration and its surrogates speak a lot about having the most open and
transparent government there has ever been in our history. Obama’s motive might be honorable and
he might truly desire openness and honesty, but I believe that the Lord is turning this transparency on
its head, so to speak, to expose the corruption and deception of our political system as He brings it into
judgment and releases the American people from its noose, most likely, sometime in 2010, if not
sooner. Frankly, I will be closely watching the period from May to June 2010, which marks a 210-year
time cycle from the transfer of the capital of the US from Philadelphia to Washington, DC. See issues
#02-08125, September 30, 2008, The Cords of Falsehood , and #02-08132, October 23, 2008, The Cord
of Corruption is Cut , along with Article #18, When the Day Comes [The Year 2010] .
Fifth , as for openness and honesty, I have a theory on how President Obama will handle the debt issue.
He will never take the blame for it; instead, he will blame former-president Bush for every dollar of
debt. When he gave his state of the union address to Congress, Obama blamed many for the crisis,
including the former president (i.e., he inherited the mess), but he never blamed the ones sitting before
him in the chamber (i.e., the politicians), some of whom were so giddy that they looked like school kids.
My theory goes like this: He will continue to state that he was forced into taking such drastic and bold
moves because of the mess he inherited from Bush. If it were not for Bush, he would not have been
required to take on so much debt. In other words, he will treat every dollar of debt as a direct result of
Bush, even though no one is forcing him to spend a dime to resolve the crisis. What Bush did pales in
comparison to what Obama is doing! In my opinion, the one who is deceived is also a deceiver.
Sixth , as the global financial system continues to fall, will there be an outcry for an entirely new system
to replace the failed one? Will world leaders, both political and financial, seek to establish global
controls , perhaps even a global bank and a global currency , uniting all nations into one common
system of bondage? What man has to offer is the worst, but God has the best way. The world does not
need a new system designed by man; it needs a new kingdom operated according to God’s divine law. It
needs the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ . His kingdom calls for a jubilee in which all
debt is cancelled . Kingdom economics is based on spending that does not exceed the assets or wealth
of a nation and that forbids debt and usury. In other words, a kingdom nation lives within its means.
Finally, deception is a good thing if it causes world leaders to take action that will hasten the demise of
mystery Babylon. Let the deception continue, for we receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Soon, the
declaration will go forth: And the time arrived when the saints took possession of the
kingdom (Daniel 7:22, 27). The saints will know how to lead the nations. Come soon, Lord Jesus!
The Upward Call: #03-0937
by: Stuart H. Pouliot