Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3.13-14 NASB )
N OVEMBER 11, 2008
The Lord seems to speak to me most clearly in the middle of the night as He wakes me with a word.
More times than not I am also directed to look at the clock to note the time the word was spoken. The
numbers associated with the time could refer to a specific Scripture verse, a date, or the number itself,
since numbers have meaning in the economy of God. As I see it, God is the mathematical Genius of the
universe and He speaks to us through numbers. In fact, some have proven that the entire Bible is a
mathematical formula, based on the number 7, which refers to completeness or spiritual perfection.
The same principle applies to words and dreams. If the word or dream that comes in the night is vivid
and I recall it with clarity in the morning, it is usually an indication to me that it is of the Lord. So, I pay
very close attention to what occurs in the night. I must also state that 2008 has been the most active year
of my life in this regard. I do not think this is a coincidence, considering how close we are to the end of
the present eon (age). After all, two millennia ago Peter quoted Joel that old men would have dreams
(Acts 2.14-21; Joel 2.28-32). I do not consider myself an old man, but I guess it is all relative; in
comparison to one of 20 years, I am old; in comparison to one of 80 years, I am young. It matters not!
What matters to me is that we are approaching the end of this age; the kingdom of our Lord is coming
into sharper focus; soon it will be manifested among the nations of the world; soon we will see the love of
our life; and I am having prophetic dreams and receiving prophetic words from the Lord in relation to the
coming of His kingdom.
Before sharing two words that I received 35 days apart, I need to make a comment about the fall of
mystery Babylon as a prophetic event.
Those who have been following my material know that I see the shaking of our day as a shaking of
mystery Babylon that will eventually lead to its fall in one day and in one hour (Revelation 18). It must be
shaken to dust as the Stone Kingdom hits the feet mixed with clay and iron and brings the whole statue
down, crushes it to become like chaff from the summer threshing floor, and blows it away in the wind so
that no trace of it is found. The statue revealed to Nebuchadnezzar represents all the kingdoms of the
world throughout history and represents the final downfall of Babylon, the kingdom that rules the world at
the very end of our age. But the stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and filled the
whole earth (see Daniel 2.31-35). The stone speaks of Christ and the great mountain speaks of His
kingdom, the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ (Revelation 11.15).
I mention mystery Babylon because this prophetic event is underway; so, in a sense, it is not the next
event. The process of bringing it down has begun and will progress until the time fixed by the Father’s
Now, in light of this, the first word came to me on September 26, 2008 at 1.44 am . It was: “The next
great event is the resurrection.” The number 144 refers to resurrected ones; but that night, I noted that
1.44 could refer to the 144,000 remnant of the tribes of Israel. The second word came 35 days later on
October 30, 2008, as I put my head down on the pillow for the night. It was: “Look up, your redemption
draws near. Look at the clock.” So, I looked at the clock and it was 11.11 pm .
The Lord that I know does not waste words and He does not give numbers without reason. So, let me
offer an interpretation with what light I have at this moment. More light could come later.
First , the first prophetic event announcing the second coming of Christ is the resurrection of the dead in
Christ or, as Paul called it, the out -resurrection (Philippians 3.11 Wuest), which will occur on the Feast
of Trumpets in the year appointed by the Father. Consequently, the word I received speaks of the
coming of our Lord and His kingdom .
Second , the resurrection and redemption refer to putting off mortal bodies and putting on immortal
bodies, so, without doubt, these two words link what was spoken to me. As Paul wrote, we need to be
clothed with our dwelling from heaven, which is a glorified, spiritual, celestial body in the image of Christ
(1 Corinthians 15.42-55; 2 Corinthians 5.1-4; Philippians 3.20-21; Colossians 1.27; 1 John 3.2).
Resurrection and redemption both refer to the body and go hand-in-hand.
Third, the number 35 signifies hope , which speaks of our expectation of the redemption of our body,
which those who are asleep in Jesus will receive through resurrection. Paul, who defended the
resurrection, wrote: And not only this, but also we ourselves, having the first fruits of the Spirit,
even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the re-
demption of our body. For in hope we have been saved, but hope that is seen is not hope; for
who hopes for what he already sees? (Romans 8.23-24 NASB). Our hope or expectation is to be
placed as sons in the kingdom , and, for this to be possible, we must be resurrected from among the
dead, if we have fallen asleep in Christ, and be transfigured into the image of Christ, unless we are alive
and remain when He comes, in which case we must be transfigured. Sonship in the coming kingdom
and redemption of our body are inseparable. Notice how Paul continued his thought by making sonship
and redemption our hope , and this hope is not possible in the oncoming eon without the first or out-
resurrection. Let me state this in the most emphatic way I know how: The kingdom of our Lord cannot
and will not begin to overtake the nations of the world until God has placed His sons of glory (Hebrews
2.10) in His kingdom as its rulers, administrators, and judges, and this is totally dependent on the first or
out-resurrection and the redemption of the bodies of those who will be counted worthy to attain to the
coming eon (age) (Luke 20.34-36) to rule and reign with Christ (Revelation 5.10; 20.4-6).
I am amazed and, frankly, tired of hearing that Christians are going to begin ruling the world and
infiltrating every aspect of life in order to manifest the kingdom of God among the nations, and they are
going to do this in this present wicked eon apart from the resurrection, redemption, and the placing of
sons in the kingdom. To me, it is the sin of presumption to assume that, as believers dwelling in bodies of
death with only an earnest of the spirit within us, we have the capacity or the blessing of God to take over
the world and rule it apart from glorification that only comes when Christ comes and His kingdom begins
to take root in the earth. We need the Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of Tabernacles and the eighth
day to inaugurate the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.
Fourth , since the Lord told me to look at the clock in conjunction with His word, seeing four ones lined up
in a row caught my attention. The number 1 signifies unity; the sum of 1111 is 4 and signifies the fullness
of creation; the number 11, which appears twice in 11.11, signifies disorder and disintegration. I could
see some merit to each meaning, but they did not quite fit with redemption. Then, I felt led to Isaiah 11.11
and saw a connection to the number 144 , which refers to a remnant (Revelation 7).
Then it will happen on that day that the Lord will again recover the second time with His
hand the remnant of His people, who will remain …. (Isaiah 11.11 NASB)
The context of Isaiah’s prophecy is the coming kingdom of Christ when the earth will be full of the
knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the seas. In that day, He will recover for the second time a
remnant as He gathers a company of people by way of the first resurrection; reuniting both Judah, which
refers to kingship (Genesis 49.10) and Ephraim, which refers to sonship (Genesis 48.17-20; 49.22).
Who is this remnant? They are the sons of the resurrection, the many sons of glory, the heirs of the
kingdom, the conquerors of Christ , and the true spiritual Israel . The ones counted worthy to be the
remnant are not so deemed because of their flesh, bloodline, pedigree, nationality, or country, but
because of the spirit of Christ within them and their life that conquered while in bodies of death. They will
remain unto the kingdom of Christ to reign with Him for a thousand years.
For the kingdom of our Lord to come to this earth, the resurrection must come. This is the next great
event. Here is the good news: It is coming! Look up! The King and His kingdom are coming!
The Upward Call #02-08140 by — Stuart H. Pouliot