Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet;
but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
(Philippians 3.13-14 NASB )
O CTOBER 23, 2008
In issue #02-08125, September 30, 2008, The Cords of Falsehood , I mentioned a dream that I had, but I
did not share the details of it. So, here are the details. On February 28, 2008, I had a very vivid dream in
which I saw an extremely filthy cord tied to a black man wearing a baseball cap, with the cord attached to
me. In the dream, I was very repulsed by this gross cord but not necessarily by the man. I tried to get
away from him, but he would not let me go, so I took a pair of scissors, cut the cord, and then washed
he part that had been attached to me.
The imagery and interpretation that came to me is not something that I could make up. I had not been
thinking about the two candidates in reference to the dream nor had I been pondering any theories about
the meaning of the dream. It came to me as quickly as a flash of lightning. I offer the interpretation as I
see it today; however, if the Lord shows you something that I might have missed, please email me. I
oubt that I am the only one in the body of Christ that has been given such a word.
Let me be abundantly clear that I do not believe this dream is about any particular individual nor is it
meant to impugn the character of either man or to bring attention to me. It is not about the men; it is
bout what they represent , since they are the primary figures on the political scene at the moment.
Here is the interpretation of the dream: The two men represented the political system in the US today,
I represented the American people , and the filthy cord represented the corruption that has
permeated the political system as it has become more about power, money, greed, lies, war, and
hatred than about righteousness, justice, mercy, truth, peace, and love. Cutting and washing the cord
signified the release or being set free of the American people from attachment to this corruption and
coming into something clean or uncorrupt. It is significant that I was led to wash the part of the cord that
as attached to me.
I must add that on September 23, 2008, I was led to take a cord, cover it with filth, cut it, and then wash
the part I held and discard the other part, to signify the breaking of this corruption that is attached to the
American people. In some measure, I believe that what I was led to do was important to the kingdom of
God and the hour in which we live. It was a spiritual act based on Matthew 6.10: Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. It has been done in heaven, and now, I believe, it will be
anifested on earth at the time fixed by the Father’s authority.
I did not choose this particular day to act out this spiritual battle other than I had set the day aside to seek
the Lord and pray. However, in retrospect, I see that the day had significance since it was made up of the
numbers 9 and 23. The number 9 refers to judgment and the number 23 refers to death. Thus, the
corrupt politics is coming into judgment that will lead to its demise as something good replaces it. I
believe that the good is the kingdom of our Lord; actually, it is the best!
Receiving the interpretation on September 16 also has meaning to me, for the number 16 refers to love.
God’s judgment is always done in love with the purpose of reconciliation and restoration . He is not out
I puzzled about this dream for the next seven months, until on September 16, 2008, as I was in prayer, I
believe that the spirit of God began to give me understanding. Much to my surprise, it was not one man
but two men in one. The black man represented Barack Obama and the baseball cap represented John
McCain . If you haven’t noticed, while on the campaign trail, John McCain often wears a baseball cap.
Interestingly, the face of the man in the dream was not thin but round, which is more a picture of John
McCain as well. I must add that neither man had won the nomination of his party at that time. John
cCain clinched it the next month, but Barack Obama did not clinch it until June.
to destroy or annihilate people, even when His judgments seem severe on our end. We need to be
reminded that He is working all things according to His purpose. “My purpose will be established and I
will accomplish all My good pleasure” (Isaiah 46.10b). I believe that one day this cord will be cut in a
way that all will see and know, then something good will come. What I am fairly confident of is that the
political system of the US will come under judgment, if it is not already under it, and its true character will
be exposed. As a side note, I do not believe this judgment is of the US Constitution and its form of
government. In many respects, part of the problem today is that the political and judicial systems have
ignored and corrupted the original intent of the Constitution. Thus, there is a difference.
I realize that most Americans have very strong opinions over which candidate is best for the country.
However, I believe that whoever wins, because of a corrupt political system that has gone off the rails, so
to speak, and, I must add, the worldview that is held by so many in power today, a view that is clearly
antichrist (see issue #02-08133, October 27, 2008), will fail to bring in the type of change that our
country and the world so desperately need. There is only one who can bring about real change, and
He is the true Christ, the Son of God, whose name is Jesus.
To understand the significance of what is being shared, we need to see that the US and all the nations of
the world have been yoked to what is called mystery Babylon . For those interested in this subject, I
refer you to my article #9, A Mystery, the Great City Babylon , May 2008, and issues #02-0875 (July 31,
2008); #02-0876 (August 14, 2008); #02-0877 (August 22, 2008); #02-08121 (September 25, 2008). It is
a mystery because few people realize that we all have been yoked to world-wide systems that are
counterfeits to the way the kingdom of God operates; one of which is the political system, another of
which is the financial banking system that I have written much about. Everything associated with mystery
Babylon will be shaken and will fall.
Since the world is yoked to and ruled by mystery Babylon, it is logical to conclude that the leaders of the
nations are Babylonian leaders. These leaders do not have the mind of Christ and an understanding of
how the kingdom of God operates. Again, this is not meant to impugn the character of any one leader; it
is simply to state a general fact. The kingdom of the world, which is how the world governments,
collectively, must be looked at today, does not operate in the way the kingdom of our Lord will operate in
the coming eon (age). Unfortunately, I believe many Christians do not know how the kingdom of God is
to operate either and have been seduced, along with the rest of the world, by mystery Babylon. The call
is going forth: “Come out of her, my people” (Revelation 18.4).
Recently, I was given a word that there are more crises, even a greater crisis, to come that will shock the
world. Perhaps this crisis, in part or in whole, will encompass the political system centered in Washington
DC. What the breaking of this political cord will look like and when it will specifically occur I do not know
at this point in time, but I have a sense that it will occur sometime in the near future. Do not be
persuaded if leaders and others, particularly the media, begin to talk as if so-called “happy days” are
here again or are at least in sight. Remember that God intends to remove those things which can be
shaken, as of created things (see Hebrews 12.25-29), and that mystery Babylon must fall in one day and
in one hour (Revelation 18.10, 17).
We may yet have some very difficult days ahead, requiring that we endure a bit longer. If we endure, we
will also reign with Him (2 Timothy 2.12 NASB). The one who endures to the end, he will be saved
(Matthew 24.13 NASB). But there is good news. I have no doubt that great change is coming soon to this
earth that will culminate when the loud voices in heaven announce: The kingdom of the world has
become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ (Revelation 11.15 NASB). I love the sound of this
verse; it is like music to my ears!
When this declaration goes forth, the Lord Himself will raise up His leaders, leaders of the kingdom of
God, who will have the mind of Christ and the laws of God written on their hearts and in their
minds . They will be the new leaders who will lead the nations in the way of righteousness , justice ,
peace , mercy , and, most of all, love . These leaders are the conquerors of Christ , the sons of God, the
sons of the resurrection, the firstfruit anointed, and they will reign with Christ for the eons .
The Upward Call #02-08132 by — Stuart H. Pouliot