"139 Years Ago Trouble Started"
November 27, 2012
September 18, 1873
September 18, 2008
Around 2:30 as I tried to go to sleep, I heard a word in two parts:
"139 years ago." "Trouble started."
In my head, I tried to subtract 139 from the year 2012 but it just was not computing, so I got
out of bed and grabbed the calculator. 139 years ago was the year 1873. I had no clue as to the
significance of this year. I went back to bed puzzled. When I woke, I began searching the history
of this year.
I found several articles that explain the key event(s) of that year and I learned that on
September 18, 1873 a major financial collapse occurred when Jay Cooke's investment/banking
firm went bankrupt. It started what is called the Panic of 1873 which set off a 4-year
Jay Cooke was the Lehman Brothers of 1873!
Cooke wrote a pamphlet titled: How Our National Debt May Be a National Blessing. The Debt
is Public Wealth, Political Union, Protection of Industry, Secure Basis for National Currency .
Cooke stated: "Why should this Grand and Glorious country be stunted and dwarfed – its
activities chilled and its very life blood curdled by these miserable 'hard coin' theories – the
musty theories of a bygone age?"
This is nearly the exact same philosophy or economic theory/policy that is being carried out
today under the power and control of the Federal Reserve System of central banks. In other
words, forget real wealth in the form of hard assets; embrace debt as the real wealth of the
nation. Thus, we have trillions of dollars of debt being accumulated each year with no end in
September 18, 1873 is exactly 135 years from September 18, 2008 , the year in which we got
out of the Stock Market and the world financial system nearly collapsed in one hour. This is
prophetic! See P#17 – Titanic Sinking (March 11, 2008) and P#32-2 – Run on the Banks, Panic
(September 2, 2009)
BTW; both days fell on Thursday.
139 Years Ago Trouble Started
November 27, 2012
These dates are no mere coincidence but the hand of God pointing to the month of September
in some year (perhaps 2014-2015, 2017-2018, 2021) in which Mystery Babylon will fall.
Obviously, it has not happened in 2012 as I had suspected it would not.
Also, 40 years later from 1873, in 1913, the United States was yoked to the Federal Reserve
System (an unconstitutional central bank, a banking cartel). Forty years is a time of probation.
America failed to repent and turn fully to the Lord so the Lord brought us under a wooden yoke
judgment signed into law by WOOD row Wilson.
But, does November 27 now take on some prophetic meaning? Perhaps it does in light of the
Federal Reserve, which was planned in secret by international bankers meeting at Jekyll Island,
GA starting on November 23 rd and running for the next 7-9 days (accounts of this secret
meeting vary). This would place November 27 th in the midst of this meeting period.
The 100 th year anniversary of the Federal Reserve is in December 2013; however, the Act was
not promulgated until it appeared in the Federal Register 60 days later in February 1914.
The number 100 signifies God's election of grace or children of promise or completion .