Dream – Strait of Hormuz
Re: Something Coming – War?
February 5, 2012
At 2:56 am, on February 5, 2012 , I had a dream.
There was a body of water with ships off in the distance. Behind the ships were mountains. In
other words, a mountain range seemed to border this sea. The day seemed to be either hazy or
foggy. It was as if I were looking through a hazy atmosphere. The water was calm and there
was no discernible activity. At one point, I thought I was literally in this place.
I woke up and heard: "Strait of Hormuz."
I have heard of these straits in the news in regard to the present conflict with Iran, but I have
never seen them in picture. So, I searched the Internet for pictures and was surprised to learn
that, in fact, mountain ranges do border or outline the strait. One picture showed how rocky the
coast is along this strait.
What does this mean? Is there a connection between this dream and the word I heard on June
24, 2010 and January 17, 2012? See P#37. Is major conflict coming as many are fearing might
happen? If so, will we see defeat?
Watch and Pray!