Word – "Crisis is Coming"
Re: World Crisis
April 13, 2009
The word crisis is an overused word in our day; some things have been true crises and others
have been overstated, but I cannot help it that this word keeps waking me in the night. Frankly,
there are nights I would rather remain asleep.
Well, at 4:44 am, on April 13, 2009, I was awakened with the word: “A crisis is coming.”
Since the number 4 can signify the “world” and, in this case, is intensified three times, I figured
that a worldwide crisis must be coming, something that could significantly impact the world. To
be clear, I had no indication whether it was a severe crisis or simply a crisis. After all, crises run
the gamut of severity. Nothing happened that day or in the days to follow, so I wondered if it was
a true word from the Lord.
As I have written, this is not the first time I have heard a crisis (or, “tumult” or “great storm”) is
coming, and the fact of the matter is one did come; case in point is the worldwide financial crisis,
which was described as a “tumult” and a “great storm.”
As I keep stressing, we must transcend time. More crises are coming.