Song – "Christ, Have Mercy"
Re: Mercy in the Storm
October 2, 2008
As previously reported, on September 23, 2008, I was given a word that an unprecedented
crisis is coming.
Now, this word about a crisis was followed up ten days later on October 2, 2008. During the
night, as I slept, in my spirit, I sang part of a song over and over again. The strange part is that
the words were in Irish, and I did not know what the words meant. I knew the tune of the song,
for it is a song that I have heard before and enjoy listening to. I also knew it might be a Christian
song because one of the words in the line that I kept singing sounded like the word Christian . In
fact, phonetically, I sang the words Christian trokara . But again, let me stress that I did not know
the meaning or the actual spelling of the words.
When I woke in the morning, I told my wife of my experience because I do not often sing in my
sleep, but based on past experience, when I do, it is the Spirit of God at work. To find the words
of the song, I had to search the Internet. It didn’t take very long to locate it, and when I did, I
started to cry.
In Irish, the words are A Chríost, déan trócaire , which translated mean “ Christ, have mercy .”
Throughout the night, I was singing for the Lord to have mercy.
But there is more. The song is titled Heartland by Phil Coulter and is sung by Celtic Thunder
(Decca Records, 2008), and it speaks of a raging storm and the Lord bringing us safely to
“When the storm is raging and thunder rolls, deliver us from the ocean, save our souls.
Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Thank you,
Lord, You have brought us safe to shore, be our strength and protection ever more.”
To recap, ten days after hearing of a great crisis coming, I was singing in Irish throughout the
night for the Lord to have mercy, based on a song that is about a raging storm on the sea
(ocean). I do not think this was a coincidence.
By the way, the number 10 signifies the "perfection of divine order," or the “completeness of
order, marking the entire round of anything."
Perhaps, this next great crisis will complete the last cycle of this age as the Kingdom of Christ
comes to this earth. May it be so!
But until then, Lord, have mercy on us .