Titanic Sinking, 1917, May, Waterloo
March 11, 2008
September 18, 2008
September 23, 2008
October 10, 2008
On March 11, 2008 , I had a dream of the Titanic sinking. It was in color, and I saw its bow rising
up in the air and its classic smoke stacks jutting up from its deck as it began to sink into the sea.
Following this picture, I saw the year 1917 scroll before me and then the month of May .
The Titanic was called by some as a nearly-invincible ship (not quite unsinkable but formidable)
and was built to be part of a fleet of the largest and most luxurious ships on the sea. However,
on April 14, 1912, at 11:40 pm, it struck what is called a blackberg , an iceberg that looks black in
the night just like black ice, and sank shortly after on April 15.
As I did research on the ship, I discovered something very interesting that I believe is the clue to
why I was given this dream. The owner of the ship was JP Morgan , the American railroad
tycoon who was one of the wealthiest men of his time. In fact, he is attributed with having
saved or rescued the national economy, in general, and the federal government, in particular,
on two separate occasions. Further, he built one of the most powerful banking houses in the
world. JP Morgan’s company played a major role in enslaving America to the Federal Reserve
System , and it became financially connected with the Federal Reserve banks. Today, JP
Morgan’s name is still in financial news (i.e., JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley ).
This is how I see it: The Titanic, a nearly-invincible, luxury ship, sinking into the sea refers to the
financial/economic system, a nearly-invincible system of great wealth (luxury), sinking among
the nations. In Scripture, the sea often represents the nations. What connects the Titanic to the
financial system and luxury or wealth of the nations is its owner, the wealthy financier JP
Morgan, whose company was instrumental in yoking the US economy to the Federal Reserve
System, starting in 1914. The Titanic sank, and in two years, the US was yoked to a system that
will eventually bring it to its knees. Watch the next several years!
The fact that this dream was given in 2008 on the 11 th of March, and 6 months later the world
began to witness the crumbling of this system 7 years from September 11, 2001 is no
coincidence. The number 6 is the number of man and represents his wisdom and labor , which
will come up short of the mark or glory of God. This you can take, so to speak, to the bank as
On a personal note, my middle name is Harland , and my mother's maiden name was Wilson of
Scot-Irish descent. In fact, both her parents were Wilsons. The Titanic was built by an Irish
shipbuilder named Harland and Wolf . President Woodrow Wilson was the one who signed the
Federal Reserve Act to yoke the USA to the financial beast of Mystery Babylon . A check of
Wilson's background revealed that his family was from the same general area as my mother's,
and he had the same Scot-Irish Presbyterian background as my mother's family. On September
Titanic Sinking, 1917, May, Waterloo
March 11, 2008
18, 2008 , as a Wilson, I was called to come out of the part of the financial beast system called
the Stock Market . I was also invested in Lehman Brothers ; its demise was the tipping point of
the financial crisis. I did not realize it at the time, but this was the very day and hour that the
global system nearly collapsed but was saved when the Federal Reserve began pumping large
sums of money into the system. I could not have orchestrated such connections.
I believe that, in some measure, I was led to prophetically participate or play out what
happened to the financial system, as a sign. On September 23, 2008, I was led by the Holy Spirit
to repent as a Wilson for the action of President Wilson. On that day, I was also led to act out
the cutting of the cord of falsehood, signifying the cutting loose of us Americans from our
corrupt political system. See P#16 . This is all good news, for the Reign of the Heavens is
beginning to descend upon the nations.
Interestingly, I received another word that seems connected to the dream of the Titanic. At
4:40 am on October 10, 2008 , I heard the words “t he battle is over ” followed by “ Waterloo .”
Waterloo stands for the decisive defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte on June 18, 1815. Defeat came
when Napoleon’s elite guard lost their will to fight and retreated from the enemy. The sight of
their disorder and retreat sent panic throughout Bonaparte’s ranks that resulted in their
This is interesting to study, but I believe there is something more significant in this word. With
some research, I discovered that with the fall of Napoleon, the financier Nathan M. Rothschild
quadrupled his fortune and became a major monetary powerhouse, even to this day. More
significantly, the House of Rothschild was instrumental in developing the current international
banking system by making government bonds easily available. Another interesting fact is that
Waterloo is currently the headquarters for MasterCard International Europe (i.e., credit).
I believe that just as JP Morgan’s Titanic sank and Napoleon’s army was decisively defeated,
making Rothschild very wealthy, so too the world-wide financial banking system, which, in
Revelation, is metaphorically depicted as part of Mystery Babylon, will [and is] decisively fall
What about the year 1917 and the month of May?
Well, 1917 is quite an interesting year, for it was the year of the Fatima (Portugal) visions (May
13 through October 13), the so-called apparitions of the Virgin Mary that are now idolized by
so many in the world; the Russian and Bolshevik Revolution , which led to the Soviet Union; the
Balfour Declaration (November 2) that was Great Britain’s promise for a Jewish state in
Palestine; and Sir Edmund Allenby of Great Britain taking control of Jerusalem (December 9).
The last two events were significant in the rise of the present-day state of Israel. Of note is the
fact that the Balfour Declaration was issued to Lord Walter Rothschild (a leader of British Jews)
and that the modern-day state of Israel declared their independence on May 14, 1948.
Titanic Sinking, 1917, May, Waterloo
March 11, 2008
At this point, I have no specific understanding of which, if any, of these particular events are
significant to our present day. However, I do see several possibilities, most notably with the
Fatima visions in relation to the Roman Catholic Church, and the state of Israel.
We will have to watch world events to see which of these is manifested in some significant way
in the near future. I would watch Fatima and Israel, and I suspect that somehow these will be
linked to the global economic collapse.
Postscript : On March 11, 2011 , Japan experienced the sixth largest earthquake in recorded
history that led to a devastating tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdowns. As I noted in the
prophetic report P#27 [Dream – FedEx Plane Crash in Tokyo], the plane crash and the
meltdown are prophetic of the global financial system meltdown that is still ongoing. What just
caught my attention is that the Titanic dream also occurred on March 11 three years earlier .
These are not coincidences. God has judged the global financial system, and it will come down
to the glory of God. Be encouraged that whatever happens is a good thing, for our King and His
Kingdom are coming! The Reign of the Heavens has begun to come upon the earth.
Post-postscript: Through a word given to me on November 27, 2012 "139 years ago, the
trouble started" – I learned that on September 18, 1873 a major financial collapse occurred
when Jay Cooke's investment/banking went bankrupt. It started what is called the Panic of
1873 which set off a 4-year depression. Cooke wrote a pamphlet titled: How Our National Debt
May Be a National Blessing. The Debt is Public Wealth, Political Union, Protection of Industry,
Secure Basis for National Currency .
Cooke stated: "Why should this Grand and Glorious country be stunted and dwarfed – its
activities chilled and its very life blood curdled by these miserable 'hard coin' theories – the
musty theories of a bygone age?"
See P#69-2 – 139 Years Ago .