Dream – Key of the Kingdom
Re: Delegated Kingdom Authority
February 28, 2008
September 15, 2008
On February 28, 2008, I had a dream about keys.
I saw a pile of broken keys . I was searching through the keys until I found one very unusual
key that was not broken. It was unusual because the part that would go into a keyhole was
shaped like a wave or the tail of a whale or a fish. I describe it as the wavy key or the whale key.
Then, I saw a door with a woman standing on the other side; she was in what could be
described as a stairwell with a staircase beyond. She obviously wanted out but her key would
not open the door. However, the key I had in my possession opened the door, and I went
through the door to the staircase.
This dream puzzled me greatly, and I mused over it off and on for the next seven months with
no understanding, until finally the Spirit of God began to interpret it for me.
At 5:50 am, on September 15, 2008, I was in prayer, and I heard: “Stand! Do not fear! I am at
the door and you have the key. Man’s ways are a failure. His keys are all broken. His
ways will never open the door. The key that you saw is the heavenly key. It opens the
door to the Kingdom of the Heavens. It is the celestial key. The woman you saw with the
key was Mystery Babylon. Her key is a broken key, along with all the keys of mankind.
The key I gave you is like the key I gave to Peter. The key you have opens the only door
that matters ― the key of My kingdom. Use the key. It is yours to use. Open the door.
Open the gates for the King of Glory to come in. You will not find this key on earth. It is
one of a kind. It has come down from heaven for you.”
I was still puzzled by the woman, so I sought the Lord for further understanding. Specifically, I
was puzzled by her being on the other side of the door, which would have placed her on the
heavenly side, if the staircase represented the heavenlies.
To this inquiry, the Lord spoke: “No. She is bound by heaven. She is locked in. If you recall,
there was a staircase. She was at the bottom. She is caught; she cannot go up and she
cannot go down, that is, through the door. When you open the door, she falls because
she is trying to get out, not go up. She will fail just like all the broken keys.”
I then inquired why there was only one key; after all, Peter was given the keys. I then heard:
“There is only one door. I am the Door to the Kingdom. There is only one thing to be
bound and one thing to be loosed. Mystery Babylon is to be bound, the yoke to be
removed. The Kingdom of the Heavens, My kingdom, is to be loosed on earth. The time
has come. I have told you so.”
Obviously, there are many things to be bound and loosed on earth, but this word indicates that
in relation to the Kingdom of God there is an opposing, apostate kingdom that must be bound
with the key.
This word is not for me alone. It is for all who desire to conquer. It is time to apply the key!