Word – "Transcend Time"
Re: Interpreting Words, Visions, Dreams, Songs
February 1, 2008
August 3, 2007/2009
At 3:48 am, on February 1, 2008, the Lord spoke to me: "Transcend time."
I have come to learn that transcending time is the key to understanding or interpreting words,
visions, dreams, and even songs received from the Lord. It is true that we are locked in time as
we occupy mortal bodies; however, when it comes to the prophetic, we must go beyond the
limits of time in the interpretation of what we hear or see.
The word transcend means “to go beyond the limits of.” In other words, “transcending time”
means to go beyond the limits of time. However, it doesn't mean that we ignore time or that time
is irrelevant. Simply, we need to see time as God sees it, not as man lives it linearly.
Personally, I have had visions and dreams that manifested the very same day, some that
manifested a few days, months, or years later, and others that have not yet manifested. In some
cases, it seems that I was transported in time or, perhaps, even outside of time to see these
things either literally or symbolically. In other cases, it was simply a matter of hearing a
message from God about a situation, condition, or coming event.
As Isaiah reminds us, God is declaring the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). God is
both in time and outside of time. He sees the beginning and the end simultaneously, and He
reveals things to His people along the entire spectrum.
At any rate, when God speaks or gives visions or dreams, He does so as if it is , even though to
us it is not , that is, not apparent to us at that moment in time.
For example, He spoke to me the word "the end has come." Obviously, to our eyes and senses,
the end of this age has not come because we are still stuck in this wicked age, and it seems like
its demise is merely a slow agonizing death. The same thing could be said of the words "I am
coming" or "I have come."
If we do not understand the concept of transcending time, we might be tempted to discount or
write off such words as not from the Lord when things do not occur as we expect them to occur,
when, in fact, He is giving us the privilege of being transported outside of time to hear or see
something along the spectrum of His "end from the beginning."
As an illustration, let us consider vinyl records, for those of you who remember them. To hear
the sound on a vinyl record, one must place the needle on a particular groove of the record.
Simply, one can place the needle any place on the record to hear the sound recorded at that
specific spot. If we visualize a record as the entire spectrum of the "end from the beginning," we
can see how God, metaphorically speaking, can place us any place on this spectrum in order to
hear or see what is transpiring. In other words, we are actually at the spot God has chosen to
place us.
As another example, in 2007, we were trying to sell our house, which is not an easy task during
a housing crisis. On August 3 , 2007, I was praying over the matter and heard: "The deal is
done." We naturally assumed that a sale was coming very soon, but one did not come in 2007
or, to our disappointment, in 2008. However, in June 2009, we received our first offer in two
years, and the buyer, not us, set the date for closing. On August 3 , 2009, the deal was done.
The Lord had told us the date of the closing would be on August 3. When He spoke the date to
me, He spoke it as if we were actually in the day of August 3, 2009; on our part, we needed to
transcend time and trust Him that it was a done deal. This requires faith.