Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent.
(Jeremiah 20:9)
by – Stuart H. Pouliot
09.24.2001 – 11.17.2012
Quake America (Word/Vision/Dream)
Over a twelve-year period, starting in 2001, I have received five prophetic insights about earthquakes.
Here they are in numbered order (for reference purposes), with commentary to follow. Since then, I have
received no more insights along the line of earthquakes or upheavals associated with them.
#1: On September 24, 2001, I heard: A rare earthquake is coming. You will know the end has come
by a major earthquake.
#2: On October 1, 2007, I heard: You will know the end has come by a major quake; you will know
by its size.
#3: At 3:19 am, on August 29, 2008, I heard: Quake America.
#4: On February 9, 2012, I had a dream of great upheaval.
The earth was physically being shaken; it was a great upheaval . Huge fissures were forming. I
was driving a vehicle and the land around was rising and falling. At one point, I was on an area
that was falling as the area next to me was rising. I drove really fast up this falling land until I
found stable ground above. Then I was with a group of people; we had food and shelter, but
we knew that conditions were difficult, especially in other areas. Then I saw a busload of
people arrive and they looked bewildered and dazed; they were looking for help. Then some
bad guys showed up who were after these people either to do them harm or to enslave them.
#5: On November 17, 2012, around 2 am, I woke with the thought that a quake was coming to
America. Then I heard: It is going to be between 8.9 and 9.1 magnitude and the Mississippi and
Missouri Rivers will be involved. Then, I saw this huge indentation shaped like a V in the mid-section
of America. My impression was in relation to the Mississippi River. In other words, there will be a
collapse of the land in the area of this river, if not under the river itself.
Then, at 6:16 am, I heard: Many will blame Christians for the calamities that will come upon
First, let's get one misconception out of the way. When people hear of the end, they generally think of
the end of the world and/or the end of time. This is not the end that is in view in the above. Beyond this,
we are not told the subject of the end. Is it the end of our age? Is it the end of America as we know it? Is
it the end of many upheavals to come? Is it the end of a period of severe trial, judgment? We are not given
the answers. Further, are we to be looking for literal quakes of the earth or other types of upheavals? Is it
all about America? Given the nature of the above, I would say the answer is we are to be looking for
physical quakes, and yes, it is about America. Of course, as shared in other insights, there are many other
types of upheavals, many of which we have been living through for the last nineteen years.
Quake America
Besides, insight #5 clearly identifies a future quake that, if true, will be devastating to the US and, we
should add, rare. A quake of this magnitude would cripple the US in numerous ways, especially the flow
of goods, not to speak of the structural damage and the loss of life. Surely, this portends of a major quake,
even a super quake that could bring America into an end of sorts, or it could harken the end of the age
and the coming of God's age with King Jesus reigning over the nations along with His conquering body.
Since I was given the names of the two rivers, a range of seismic magnitude, and then saw what could be
described as a collapse of a river bed, I must assume that this word and vision signify an actual earthquake
that will occur in the mid-section of America. It will be so devastating that it will cause the Mississippi River
to collapse, leading to a literal collapse of the mid-section of America.
New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ)
After receiving this insight, I did some research about quakes in the mid-section of the country. I had no
foreknowledge of our history in this regard . This led me to the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ), which,
I learned, others have been warning about for some time now.
The NMSZ had four of the largest North American earthquakes in recorded history. During a three-month
period from December 1811 to February 1812 (December 16, 1811, January 23, 1812, and February 7,
1812), there was a series of quakes with significant magnitudes as great as 8.6. The cumulative effect of
these quakes is known as the New Madrid Sequence . Riverbanks collapsing, the Mississippi reversing
direction, and a major lake (Reelfoot Lake) being formed were some of the effects of this sequence. The
V I saw forming could be explained by these. By the way, I had never heard of such a thing happening until
I did the research after the dream.
Some seismologists believe that a major quake could occur along this fault line again, and if it does, it
could lead to major destruction and loss of life if it hits with a similar magnitude. Cities like St. Louis, MO
and Memphis, TN could be devastated. Eight or more states could receive significant damage, and the
whole of the east coast could feel it.
Such an event could be the summation of all five insights I am reporting on. Also, it could be the fulfillment
of the word I was given on July 9, 1999 about great cataclysmic upheaval coming .
If this quake is part of the shaking of the 21-year cycle (2000-2021) I have proposed, then such an event
could occur at any time, even sooner than might be expected. From 1811 to 2021 is 210 years. 210 years
signifies a time of distress, based on the history of the ancient sons of Israel.
Also, the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers intersect at St. Louis, MO. It would appear that St. Louis could
be in the crosshairs. The tallest memorial in the US is located here. This is the Gateway to the West Arch
located in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial commemorating the Louisiana Purchase (under
President Thomas Jefferson) and is the starting point for the Lewis and Clark expedition. It is 630 feet tall
and was completed on October 28, 1965. This may have spiritual implications.
At any rate, the impact of such an event would be devastating to America and, most likely, topple our
economy and more. If Christians declare it is the judgment of God, it will cause many in the nation who
do not know the Lord to turn on Christians and away from God.
Quake America
Rare Quake
Truly, an NMSZ quake would be rare, but is there room for a rare quake that is not devastating but rare
nonetheless? Consider this…
On August 23, 2011, the East Coast of the US experienced a rare 5.9 quake that rumbled from New York
to South Carolina that caused damage to the top stones of both the National Cathedral and the
Washington Monument located in Washington, DC. Elsewhere, I have made a connection of this damage
to the toppling of the National Christmas Tree in Washington DC on February 9, 2011. See…
National Christmas Tree Toppled
Number 186—Top Stones Fall During DC Quake
Before addressing this quake further, let us back up a bit, for this 5.9 quake seems to be the culmination
of a series of rare quakes that preceded it.
At 5:04 am on July 16, 2010, a rare earthquake of magnitude 3.6 occurred in the Washington, DC area.
The news that day reported: Rare quake hits DC . The last quake to occur in this area was a 2.0 temblor in
2008, but a larger 2.7 one occurred in 1993. One report stated that a quake greater than 3 is extremely
rare in this area.
Now, back to August 23, 2011. This is how I summarized that day.
I was sitting in my office when I felt and heard one of the windows shaking as if wind was hitting it.
It lasted for mere seconds. I thought this was rather strange. My gut told me it was the earth shaking.
I looked at the clock and it read 1:53 pm (153 is an interesting number; John 21:11). My wife was
outside near my office, so I opened the door and asked her if a strong wind had hit the house. She
hadn't noticed anything nor had she felt any earth moving. A minute later I got a phone call from a
friend who lives over 300 miles north of us in Virginia. He said, "What's happening? My house just
shook violently for about a minute. It must have been an earthquake."
Now we know that, in fact, it was a 5.9 quake that hit at 1:51 pm and was centered near Mineral,
Virginia, which makes it the strongest quake to hit this area in recorded history. Although it was a
strong quake, it appears that damage was minimal, at least according to what has been reported so
far. I am writing this about 3 hours after the event.
It was quite amazing to watch the news coming out of Washington, D.C. and New York City.
Communications were overwhelmed all along the east coast. It wasn't panic, but rather, what could
be called high anxiety , at least initially. However, true to form, once it was realized that there was
no widespread damage and no deaths, a silent yawn seemed to go up. After all, quakes of this
magnitude occur across the globe every day. At least 1300 have occurred in this range so far this
Now, later reports cited that this quake was also rare in its landslide distance, which was 150 miles
compared to an expected 36 miles for this type of quake. Damage estimates ranged from $200-300
million. What I found interesting was the damage that occurred to the National Cathedral and the
Quake America
Washington Monument, two iconic structures, both of which had damage to structures at the top. The
Cathedral had at least three of the four pinnacles on its central tower fall off, and this tower appeared to
be leaning. The pinnacles are "the top stones on the cathedral's towers." Isn't this interesting; the top
stones of a Christian landmark in the heart of the nation fell off.
Could it be that this is prophetic of the coming of the Lord Jesus, who is the top stone of His church? Room
must be made for our Top Stone to come and assume His rightful place among His people and the nations
of the earth. He must come as the crowned King of kings! Could this be a sign of shaking of His church that
has lost sight of Jesus as their head? As Peter wrote: For it is time for judgment to begin with the household
of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of
God? (1 Peter 4:17). Of course, this happened in Peter's day, but this doesn’t mean it can't and won't
happen in our day.
Could the number 153 (time I felt the shockwave) play into the significance of this event? The number 153
signifies the sons of God , which speaks of the manifestation of the sons of glory that will come by way of
the resurrection and transfiguration . From the perspective of the conquering body of Christ, the next
great event is the resurrection. Interestingly, one of our local news channels reported that our area did
not feel the quake until around 2:00 pm. If so, then why did I feel it two minutes after it occurred over 300
miles away? My answer: The Lord's doing!
Also, the Washington Monument experienced 150-plus cracks, including damage to the top structure, the
pyramidion, causing the structure to be closed for about three years. Again, we see damage to a top stone.
Given that George Washington was our first president, this structural damage could be a sign of judgment
of the US political system, which lines up with a word given to me in 2009.
See: I Have Lifted Up A Hammer
In closing, I must be faithful to the word the Lord gave to me in 1995: When you see the structures
crumble, testify of My kingdom.
See: When You See the Structures Crumble
Clearly, this is what we see happening as we move through the second decade of the 21 st century.
See: 21-Year Cycle: 2000-2021