Dream – Peaceful, Calm Day
Re: Changing of the Time
June 23, 2007
On June 23, 2007, at 2:45 am, I had a very peaceful and calm dream.
Something major had happened on the earth. A few people had begun to appear. I went into a
room and two men were discussing how to teach the children. I thought this was strange,
considering things on earth had obviously changed. There was no panic, just calm and peace.
Then a woman entered the room.
During the dream, I sensed we needed to hear from the Lord what to do and felt that He was
going to speak.
Then, I was outside. It seemed to be a very nice day with a pretty blue sky. A man was standing
next to me. We were trying to figure out the time. He said that we could not be sure of the time;
it had changed. Although the weather seemed nice, as if it were possibly summertime, the man
indicated it might be wintertime.
As I awoke from the dream, I heard: "10 days."
I have no particular interpretation of this dream at this time. I believe it has something to do with
the end of the age.
As for the days; will this change only last for a literal ten days, like the calm in the eye of a
hurricane or cyclone?
But, perhaps, these are not literal days but years. After all, there is biblical precedence for the
Lord turning days into years (e.g., Numbers 14:34). If this is correct, then we might be looking at
the year 2017 for some significant change to occur on earth.
The good news is that this day will bring peace and calm.