Dream – September 8, Wednesday
Re: Return of the Lord
June 26, 2003
On June 26, 2003, I had a very vivid dream that could be called the 9-8, Wednesday dream.
In the dream, I was repeatedly singing the words “ holy night, all is calm, ” from the song
Silent Night. ” I sensed that the return of our Lord Jesus would occur on a calm night set
apart, sanctified (holy) by the Father.
Then I saw a paper like an affidavit slowly move across my vision as if on a movie screen. I saw
the date “September 8” scroll across the screen. There was no year attached to it. Then I saw
the word “Wednesday” scroll across the screen.
I had the impression that on Wednesday, September 8 , the Lord will reveal Himself to His
people. If not this, then it was going to be something of great significance. It would be at night
and it would be calm. Of course, night could signify spiritual darkness and calm could signify
that the world is comfortable with this darkness. But I did not know the year.
In the second part of the dream, I saw myself with a group of people and two brothers in Christ
that I know. In a vision (within the dream), I saw the Lord coming and I told the others. Then I
saw people in the shadows or dark places of a room; they were prostrate on the floor. I was
given the impression that they were being drawn out of darkness by the Spirit of God, and we
were to disciple them.
According to the dream, I have assumed that September 8 th must fall on a Wednesday, a
combination that occurs on a repeating cycle of 6 years and 11 years. From 2003, the years are
2004, 2010, 2021, 2027, etc.
Dreams can be difficult to interpret. We might think that they are about us individually, but they
can be about something much greater than any one individual. Personally, I believe this dream
falls in the latter category.
So, what does the dream signify?
Is it the literal first resurrection and transfiguration leading to the coming of our beloved Lord?
Or, is it some great spiritual resurrection or anointing of the Lord’s conquerors to prepare them
for the days ahead, leading up to His return for His conquerors?
Or, does something significant occur in the spirit realm each year of the cycle that points to or
prepares for the day of Christ?
We will have to wait to see how this word is manifested, but it seems that it has something to do
with the end of our present wicked age and the commencement of the Kingdom Age or the
Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ .