September 8, Wednesday
June 26, 2003
September 1, 2017 Revision
Note: This was originally posted in 2003 and has been referred to many times in my writings. What follows
is an update that has removed my initial impressions that were not in the dream itself; thus, the following
presents the dream without these impressions. An updated commentary follows.
On June 26, 2003 , I had a very vivid dream that could be called the 9-8, Wednesday dream .
In the dream, I was repeatedly singing the words "holy night, all is calm," from the song
"Silent Night" that refers to the birth of Jesus.
Then I saw a paper like an affidavit slowly move across my vision as if on a movie screen. I
saw the date "September 8" scroll across the screen. There was no year attached to it. Then
I saw the word "Wednesday" scroll across the screen.
In the second part of the dream, I saw myself with a group of people and two brothers in
Christ that I know. In a vision (within the dream), I saw the Lord in an upward view (as if
He were in the sky or heaven) and I told the others. Then I saw people in the shadows or
dark places of a room; it appeared as if they were coming out of the darkness and
prostrating themselves on the floor before us.
When the dream came to me, I had the impression that it had to do with the coming of the Lord and His
people being lights to a dark world. Darkness was prostrating to light as people were drawn by the Spirit
of the Lord to the light. The night of darkness will be calm. Perhaps, it will be the calm in the midst of the
According to the dream, I have assumed that September 8 th must fall on a Wednesday, a combination that
occurs on a repeating cycle of 6 years and 11 years. From 2003, the years are 2004, 2010, 2021, 2027,
2032 (variant), 2038, 2049. I have also wondered if it is significant when September 8, Wednesday shows
up in relation to the beginning of Tishri or the Feast of Trumpets. With my limited resources, I discovered
that Tishri commenced on this date and day of the week in 1915, 1926, and 2010. It appears that this is
on a 95-year cycle. According to this cycle, prior to 1915, the lineup most likely appeared 1725-1736 and
1820-1831. The only other date going forward 95 years, from 2010 and up to the year 2049, on which this
happens is in the year 2021. In 2021, Wednesday, September 8 is Tishri 2 or the second day of Trumpets
(Rosh Hashanah). As I have written before: He takes away the first (Tishri 1) to establish the second (Tishri
2), based on Hebrews 10.9.
A brother in Christ recently pointed out to me that the song Silent Night is significant because it is about
the birth of Christ. Based on his extensive study of scripture, he believes Jesus was actually born on
September 8, 2 BC . Having seen other dates posited in the month of September (i.e., September 11 and
29), this is the first time this date has come into my view. Further, independent of me, he also came to
the conclusion that September 8, 2021 is significant and suggests that this may be related to the birth of
the Body of Christ, the Head and Body united. This goes along with the word I was given about the
Anointing and the Presence of the Lord. Of course, all of this bodes well for those who are called and
chosen in Christ.
P#09 Rev
September 8, Wednesday
June 26, 2003
This also goes along with a word that came to me on August 16, 2017 about how the Lord's people are in
deception and that the Lord is "about to remove all their props and falseness, even their false gospel and
religion" in order to lead them to repentance. I heard: "The day is coming when I will unite My people into
one people, removing every barrier and hindrance. They will be one as I asked My Father they would be;
one people under one Head, with one purpose and one voice. There will be no more division along doctrine
or creeds or any such thing."
Although not related to the dream, at least directly, the date of September 8 is given some historical
significance by some. Interestingly, some claim that the siege of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 AD ended on
September 8. Also, I just learned that the Roman Catholics claim Mary was born on September 8.
At this point, until further revelation is given, this is as far as I can take this dream at the moment.
Regardless, for the Lord's people, I only see it as good news. I suspect it will be good news in the midst of
great tumult leading up to September 8, 2021.