Word – "Rare Quake"
Re: Shaking of America
September 24, 2001
August 29, 2008
August 23, 2011
On September 24, 2001, I heard: “A rare earthquake is coming. You will know the end has
come by a major earthquake."
The end of the world is not coming. What is coming is the end of our present wicked age or eon,
but to get to this end, it is obvious that some things must happen, such as, the fall of mystery
Babylon, along with the many man-centered systems associated with the great harlot city.
God has promised that He will shake the earth and the heavens until that glorious day when
Jesus will be manifested as the King of kings over the nations of the earth.
I believe this quake will come to an area of the US that is not known for major quakes. It will be
a rare event.
Then, at 3:19 am, on August 29, 2008 , I heard: "Quake America." Sounds strange, but it fits
with the idea that a rare quake is coming, or perhaps, it means that quakes will become far
more frequent in the US.
Of course, we must be open to the possibility that this refers to the end-time shaking of the
heavens and the earth, and that America is going to be quaked not only in the natural realm but
also in man's realm of institutions and governments.
Postscript : Shortly after the 2008 word, the US, along with the entire world, entered into a great
financial quake that almost brought the whole global system down in one hour on September
18, 2008 . Since then, there have been many aftershocks to this quake.
But there is more to report, for on August 23, 2011 , the East Coast of the US experienced a
rare 5.9 quake that rumbled from New York to South Carolina and that caused damage to the
top stones of both the National Cathedral and the Washington Monument located in
Washington DC. In other writings I have made a connection of this damage to the toppling of the
National Christmas Tree in Washington DC on February 9, 2011.