Word – "Great Cataclysmic Upheaval is Coming"
Re: Dramatic change
July 9, 1999
At 4:25 am, on July 9, 1999, I heard:
"Great cataclysmic upheaval is coming, the likes of which man has never seen or
will see again. I will shake the heavens and the earth and this will shake the
institutions of the world. In that day, no man will stand; no man will deny that it is
the Lord who does such things. All will see that it is the Lord but not all will turn to
the Lord God Almighty. Prepare your heart for the days that are coming."
Postscript 01/2012 : I found this word in my journal. Since then, the world has truly seen several
major cataclysmic upheavals, such as earthquakes and tsunamis that have shaken parts of the
world and their institutions. We have even seen great shaking of man's institutions, apart from
the shaking of the earth, especially in the financial realm.
The closest event to this word is the quake that hit Japan in 03/2011 that led to the meltdown of
several nuclear reactors. This was an earthly shaking and an institutional shaking from which
Japan has not recovered. This one may yet manifest itself in the worldwide financial realm as
However, to date, it appears that the world has yet to experience a single event (or perhaps, a
series of back-to-back events) that exactly fits the above word.