Dream – A Great Storm Coming
Re: Our God Reigns
August 17, 1998
On August 17, 1998, I had a very vivid dream in which I saw a great storm coming .
People were standing around speaking of a great storm that was coming. There had never been
a storm like this. I was standing in a house with a very large window. I looked up in the sky, and
it was very bright, like a bright sun. In the dream, I thought I was looking at the glory of God.
Then, I heard: "Our God reigns."
During the 1990's, I had several dreams of storms coming. Some appeared like great waves
crashing on the shore; some simply appeared as great floods; and a few seemed to be
associated with earthquakes.
However, in many of the dreams, I saw bright lights shining in the heavens and heard a word of
encouragement that the Lord and His glory were in the darkness of the storm and that He is
The theme of the Lord's return has been reinforced numerous times to me in words, visions,
dreams, and songs, since the Lord first broke into my life in the early 1980's.
Is this wishful thinking or expectant faith? I trust it is the latter.