Kingdom and Glory


Introduction to Prophetic (7.2019) HTML PDF

21-Year Cycle: 2000-2021 (9.2019) HTML PDF

Transcend Time (Word 2.1.2008)  HTML PDF

Signposts of the Kingdom (Explanation/Word 9.4.2014/11.17.2019)  HTML PDF

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When You See the Structures Crumble, Testify of My Kingdom (Word 2.27.1995) HTML PDF

Great Storm Coming - Our God Reigns (Dream 8.17.1998) HTML PDF

Highway 61 - 6 + 1 = 7 (Dream 12.6.1998) HTML PDF

Great Cataclysmic Upheaval is Coming! (Word 7.9.1999) HTML PDF

Quake America (Word/Vision/Dream 9.24.2001-11.17.2012) HTML PDF

September 8, Wednesday (Dream 6.26.2003) HTML PDF

Cords of Falsehood (Dream 2.28.2008) HTML PDF

Tumult is Coming! Wait For It! (Word 7.28.2008) HTML PDF

Go Back - the Resurrected Rabbit (Word/Experience 12.7.2008) HTML PDF

I Have Lifted Up a Hammer Over the US (Word 2.10.2009) HTML PDF

FedEx Plane Crash & Nuclear Reactor Meltdown (Dream/Observation 2.22.2009) HTML PDF

Lightning Circles Leaders (Dream 10.20.2009) HTML PDF

When the Saints Go Marching In (Angelic Trumpet 4.30.2010) HTML PDF

Irene Means Peace (Dream 8.18.2011) HTML PDF

Number 186 - Top Stones Fall During DC Quake (Observation 8.23.2011) HTML PDF

Strait of Hormuz (Dream/Word 2.5.2012) HTML PDF

Hand Sweeps Across Eastern USA (Word/Dream 5.20.2012) HTML PDF

Look For the Signs (Word/Experience 7.21.2012) HTML PDF

Boiling Pot, Ancient Book, Light - Jesus! (Dream 1.15.2013) HTML PDF

All Creation in the Womb of God (Vision/Word 12.14.2013) HTML PDF

Let All the Earth Be Silent (Word 1.29.2014) HTML PDF

War of Peace (Dream 1.31.2014) HTML PDF

One New Man (Vision/Word 2.4.2015) HTML PDF

My Presence ... Seismic Change ... is Coming! (Word 6.26.2015) HTML PDF

Pray for the Anointing (Word 7.3.2016) HTML PDF

Countdown ... Beginning of the End Has Begun (Word 8.30.2017) HTML PDF

In the Name of Jesus, the Doors Shall Be Opened (Dream 1.8.2019) HTML PDF

Urgency (Word 9.11.2019) HTML PDF

My Son is Coming! Proclaim It! (Vision/Word 9.27.2019) HTML PDF

Two Letters - Double Witness (Word/Confirmation 10.14.2019) HTML PDF

World About to Experience Dramatic Change (Word/Scripture 10.27.2019) HTML PDF

Behold the Lamb of God (Dream/Song/Word 11.16.2019) HTML PDF

Yeshua (Experience 11.21.2019) HTML PDF