Kingdom and Glory

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March 2021

Sun Moving Rapidly 4 Feet

God's Will No Concern of This Congress

February 2021

Great Awakening of Our True Identity

Glory - Ultimate Freedom & Union

Meeting Jesus in His Humanity

Expressionless, Lifeless Faces

January 2021

Prophetic Voices: Straw or Wheat?

Enemies of the Cross

Glory Fills the Earth

Fog Lifted - Word for 2021

Expectation of Glory - What Bliss!

Joy Set Before Him

December 2020

Groan of Creation  PDF

Open Heaven - The Anointing  PDF

Fog of the Post-Election  PDF

Number 70  PDF

Habakkuk - Prophet for Today  PDF

Key of the Kingdom: Truth & Life  PDF

Jesus - the Pattern Son  PDF

November 2020

What's Going On?  PDF

Stones Cry Out  PDF

America's Greatest Trial; Great Deception; Number 46  PDF

March 11: Economic Crisis  PDF

Come Out! Crossing Over!  PDF

Rod of Iron: Scepter of Truth  PDF

Kingdom of Our Lord: The Declaration  PDF

October 2020

Ambushing the Lies with the Truth  PDF

Jesus - the Ingenerate Word HTML PDF

Kingdom of God: Realm of God's Will HTML PDF