Appendix 2


Abbreviations of Scripture Versions



The following list represents Scripture versions that may have been referenced in this book.


Primary: versions referenced most frequently


ALT                Analytical-Literal Translation (2001)

ASV                American Standard Version (1901)

CV                   Concordant Version (1926, 1983)

KJV                 King James Version

NASB             New American Standard Bible (1960, 2002)

REB                Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible (1959, 1994)

WNT               Weymouth’s New Testament in Modern Speech (1912)

YLT                 Young’s Literal Translation of the Holy Bible (1898)


Secondary: versions referenced less frequently, perhaps only once


BBE                Bible in Basic English (1965)

BTCB              Bullinger’s The Companion Bible (1922)

CEV                Contemporary English Version

CJB                 Complete Jewish Bible (1998)

DNT                Darby New Translation (1899)

ESV                 English Standard Version (2001)

GB                  Geneva Bible (1599)

GW                 God’s Word

HCSB             Holman Christian Standard Bible

HNV               Hebrew Names Bible

ISV                  International Standard Version

JBP                 Phillips’ The New Testament in Modern English (1958)

JMT                James Moffatt Translation

JPS                 Jewish Publication Society Bible (1917)

LITV               Literal Translation of the Holy Bible (1976, 2001)

MKJV             Modern King James Version (1962, 1998)

MNT               Murdock’s New Testament

NIV                 New International Version (1973, 1984)

NKJV              New King James Version (1979, 1999)

TCNT              Twentieth Century New Testament (1904)

TSS                 The Sacred Scriptures (1981)

TT                   Tyndale’s Translation (1530)

WAET            Wuest’s The New Testament—An Expanded Translation (1961)

WEB               Webster Bible (1833)